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LARS Recognition and Award Programmes

Having now been around for 6 years, LARS now considers it to be the right time to recognise, reward and award its members. LARS already has a Bursary recognition scheme, but now 3 new categories of recognition have been created, as a way of showing appreciation to those who have helped LARS achieve its considerable success during this period.

Honorary Member

This represents the highest accolade that LARS can bestow on a member and is a lifetime title of honour.

It is bestowed upon individuals in recognition of their merits and achievement, something special they have succeeded in doing, which required considerable effort, commitment, consistency and hard work, over an extended period of time, and it’s an award that will be rarely given.

Board of Trustees Volunteer Recognition Award

This award is to give special recognition to those who have undertaken work in support of LARS showing excellence in their particular field of expertise over an extended period.  The award recognises an exceptional level of time and commitment unfailing in support of LARS. Mavis Anderson is the first recipient of this award.

Associate Member

This is a recognition for past LARS performers who are progressing to a professional singing or musical career, in recognition of their contribution to LARS and their successful transition to the next stage of their performing careers. Recipients will be announced soon.

Friends of LARS Bursary Award

 LARS have been awarding their bursary for some years already. This is an amount of money given to a LARS member to support their studies and further develop their musical talents,

funded by the financial support and fund-raising events of the Friends

Bursaries are made available annually to those who successfully meet the eligibility criteria. This year LARS awarded bursaries to 8 of its members, totalling £3,000. 

Furthermore, it facilitates the St Elli Masonic Lodge Music Bursary, Cronfa’r Utgorn Music Bursary and the Llanelli Grammar School Boys and Graig Former Pupils Music Bursary.