Cerith Owens

    Cerith Owens is the co-founder of LARS which he established 7 years ago.

    Cerith is also a well-known impresario and has been involved in organising over 100 prestigious, highly successful Gala Concerts.  To give his productions an identity, 11 years ago he set up Loud Applause Productions; all his major productions are now done under this name.

    Cerith has worked with most of the well-known choirs, soloists and musicians from across South Wales and, wherever possible, in events, included young up and coming singers and instrumentalists to offer them much needed experience.  His knowledge and experience of working with young musicians within the music industry and with Loud Applause Productions provided the impetus for establishing the charity LARS to further support these talented young artists.

    There are exciting times ahead not only for LARS but also for Loud Applause Productions with major Gala Concerts planned.

    Cerith has been honoured with a Vice Presidency of Pendyrus Male Choir and Dunvant Male Choir for his unfaltering support; awards which he is very proud of. 

    Cerith works during the day as a geologist for Jacobs Engineering Consultancy in Cardiff.  He is married to Alison and has three sons and a growing family.  Alison would say, ‘tongue in cheek’, that his love and commitment to music, especially supporting young up and coming singers and musicians, takes over most of his spare time!  He would say, if it makes a difference to them, why not!